Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fly Box Hero - Gabe Schubert

I attended an amazing fly tying seminar today at Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop in Lake Elmo.  The subject of the seminar was on "Big Flies," no way I can miss that one.  Gabe Schubert was the instructor.  Gabe is without question the best fly tier and fisherman I know.  Gabe's flies are absolutely incredible and best of all Gabe is a very humble and down to earth guy.  You'd be hard pressed to find a person  with so much talent and so little ego...especially in this sport!

Gabe tied a series of big ole reverse or hollow tied buck tail streamers.  I took pictures and posted them below.  Nothing short of incredible, in a class of his own for sure.  The layering effect and attention to detail makes these flies works of art.  Take a look and I'm sure you will agree.

Don't think these flies are destined for a glass box because Gabe has been hauling out huge muskies from the river with these patterns.  He had a picture of a muskie he caught on Super Bowl Sunday that was just huge (24" girth I think!).  Eli can have the Super Bowl...

If you ever see the name Gabe Schubert on a fly tying presentation make sure to clear your calendar.  Gabe is a true artist and is equally skilled on the water!


  1. Hi Everyone-

    I tried my hand at a few of Gabe's reverse tied streamers and let's just say I have some learning to do! Gabe makes these things look so easy. His streamers are perfectly balanced and have a nice thick profile. Mine looked like they were just released from a death camp....

    Back to the drawing board!

    Let me know if any of you were inspired enough by Gabe's flies to give them a shot.

  2. those are beautiful, do you know what the flash material is? (regular flashabou or something special)

  3. You are absolutely correct when you say they are beautiful. The flash material is layered and one streamer can contain many types of flash. Gabe uses wider flash in the back end of the pattern and gradually shifts to thinner flash, flashabou, microflash etc.

    These patterns are 99% deer hair. Gabe is known in the area as being a very gifted fly tyer. The proportions, balance, execution and material selections are spot on.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, I really appreciate comments and interaction! Have a great season!