Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Salmo Minnow

I spent the morning fishing with my buddy Peter...had a great time.  We tried a local DNR largemouth growing lake that is designated for catch and release only.  Peter is an awesome fisherman, so it's always great to get out and spend time with a real pro.

The hot lure today was the Salmo Minnow ( in the red and white (Red Head) color.  I got the Salmo lures at Northwind Lodge in Ely, MN (The Red Rock Wilderness Store) when we visited last year.  The fish would not leave the Salmo Minnow alone on that trip and today was another day with King Salmo.  Something about red and white.....

If you haven't tried Salmo products you should give the a try.  Salmo lures are high quality and extremely durable - and they really catch fish!

The bluegills were still spawning and hitting like piranha.  A guy with a clutch of small bluegill flies would have a ball at this lake!  The fly rod was not the ticket today, but it was the first time we fished this particular lake....maybe next time! 

The Neptune
I test drove the Neptune today and really like the action it has in the water.  Great sparkle and nice sink rate.  This pattern has great potential on the river.

We caught a few good ones today.  Another great day on the water with Pete.

Notice the 4" Salmo Red Head in the Picture!

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