Saturday, September 1, 2012

BEP Marine Battery Switch

BEP Marine Battery Switch
I have had the Sea Pickle out a few times since me and the boys finished the boat project.  We added a a stereo, electric anchor, horn, fish finder etc to the boat.  All of those power pigs can leave you stranded if they are left on for too long.  Boats are new to me, so I apologize for the post about this battery switch....for all I know these things are standard on all other boats.

I installed a BEP Marine battery switch to help ensure I always have battery power to my motor after the boys play the stereo for hours on end.  This nifty device allows you to switch between batteries, or divert draw to only one battery.  When you get out you turn the switch to the off position cutting all power off to the boat EXCEPT the bilge pump.  You don't want to come out after a huge rain storm and find your boat full of water because the bilge was cut from the power source.

We have learned a ton while working on this boat project.  Sure is fun to get out and chase smallmouth on the river.  Canoes are great, but the Sea Pickle is a slight step up.

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