Saturday, June 28, 2014

E. G. Rorer R.I.P.

I realized today that I never posted my Dad's obituary on the SMFB.  Dad died on February 18th, still can't believe he is gone.  Funny thing is I think about him more now that he has passed than when he was alive.  My Mom just sent me the picture of his gravesite in Bushnell, Florida.

My Dad was NOT an outdoorsman - wouldn't be caught dead with a fishing pole in his hand.  He would take me to local lakes in the Chicago area and read the news paper, sitting for hours and not saying a word.  My Uncle Joe was the one responsible for my fishing bug.  I spent days with Uncle Joe on my grandparents farm ponds in Indiana.  The bluegills were unreal in those ponds!

My Dad served in the Air Force and after the war he worked for Shell Oil.  Later in life he owned an ARCO gas station and was a automobile mechanic, a profession he could not stand, but it payed the bills.  He moved to Florida with my Mom and happily lived the rest of his life there.

In February Dad had a massive stroke and died a few days later.  Not sure that you ever get over losing a family member, but Mom and Dad raised us to keep on chuggin' and that is exactly what I am doing.  He lived a great life and we all loved him very much.

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