Friday, June 13, 2014

Factory Second and Overrun Fly Line

I picked up some factory second/overrun fly line last time I was in Denver for a trade show.  I tell you what....the price is right!  You can get it from Discount Fishing Tackle for $9.50 (WF and DT) and $10.50 (Sinking),  Even the postage is a deal. at $3.95!

You cannot order it on their website, so you have to pick up the phone or visit the store.  Rumor has it the line are all made by SA.  The color may be lighter than the retail line and I heard a few guys mention a small rough spot.

I use this line and it is great.


  1. I need some 8wt line so thought I'd take a chance. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hi Twitch. I had great luck with my line, I hope you are happy with what you receive.

  3. Doug
    These are the kind of deals I look for on the net, thanks for sharing

  4. Doug
    Look good. Have to get a couple. I ripped off that #5 Rio WF I had on my bluegill rod this spring. Just would not flow through guides. Tried cleaning and conditioning it but no good. Put on my old SA, WF and casts like a dream.