Sunday, August 24, 2014

Smallmouth Fly Box Property

My wife and I just signed a purchase agreement for a small piece of property on the Snake River.  Nothing fancy....just some raw property without a well or septic system.  A place to camp, kayak and fish with our boys.  

Driving down the dirt road to the spot
Small clearing off the road....needs some attention.
A little lawn mower and chainsaw work will make a big difference. 
View of the Snake Rive (East) towards the St Croix
View up river (West)
View of the shore structure
The Cross Lake dam project is complete upstream of the property, so the river looks really good.  The project the Minnesota DNR did on the dam looks fantastic.  Nice pools for spawning...

Cross Lake Dam Before (Photo Courtesy of
DNR overseeing the reconstruction process (Photo courtesy of the
Dam after project completion
View downstream from the reconstructed dam
Great smallmouth fishing right off the property.  Will be great to have a place to put down some roots and build some memories.


  1. Doug
    Smallmouth in this place would be awesome, what about trout species? Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Bill-

      The Snake River has a very healthy smallmouth population. You also catch pike, walleye, catfish, crappies and sturgeon. The sturgeon population is really rebounding in Minnesota. No trout to my knowledge.

      The Snake runs into the St Croix River which adds a whole other dynamic to the mix. It will be fun to kayak the river, I prefer to park and wade the pools.

  2. Your stretch looks very fishy! I am very envious. I haven't been up there since they redid the dam, but have had many wonderful smally-filled days on that river. Congrats!