Sunday, September 14, 2014

Heddon Imperial 125 Fly Reel

Stripped Heddon Imperial 125.  Photo by JeffSod
I was on the Fiberglass Flyrodders site a few months looking into old Heddon fly rods when the picture above popped up on the screen.  The reel immediately jumped out at me, so I posted an inquiry to find out what it was.

It ended up being identified as a Heddon Imperial 125 with the paint stripped off.  The reel originally had a black finish that was susceptible to scratching and wear around the edges.  A vintage Heddon Imperial in mint condition is shown below.

Mint Imperial 125 with original black finish.  Photo by Bulldog
The reel I found was stripped in a vinegar bath, re-oiled and waxed.  I actually like the bare finish over the painted one.

Can't wait to get this reel on the water!

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  1. Doug
    I hope you hang onto this reel, because it will only increase in value over the years. I am really into old fishing equipment--thanks for sharing