Friday, March 30, 2012

Airflo Supple EX Fly Line

I have been messing around with Airflo's Supple EX fly line and I have been happy with the results.  This line is in Cabela's Bargain Cave for $29.88 (down from $59.99).  You also get two Airflo Poly Leaders with the purchase as well.  Loop to loop connections make swapping out the shooting heads a breeze.

Cabela's offers one "fast" and one "slow" poly leader and they are very slick.  Here are the sink rates for the poly leaders included in the purchase.
  • Slow Sink – 2.6"/sec.
  • Fast Sink – 3.9"/sec.
I only have one beef about the line and it is minor.  The box states that the WFF line comes with two welded loops for easy line connection (to the backing and to the leader), but the end going to the backing is straight (no loop).  This is a minor issue, but I wanted to make sure you all knew not to expect the two loops.  I went ahead and tied a bimini twist on the line.

This line shoots very well and gives a guy options on the water.  The poly leaders get the fly down without the use of excessive weight etc.  Great line for $59.99 and unbelievable at $29.88. Here is the link to the Cabela's Bargain Cave.


  1. Nice. I just got this line in the mail yesterday.. Have yet to put it on my reel though.

  2. I hope you like the line Hot-Dish. I took it out for a lawn cast again over the weekend and I was able to really lay out some long casts.

    Best of luck!