Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Musky Rod Rebuild - System 10

Joe Cornwall's Reworked System 10

I am very excited to see my System 10 fiberglass rod pictorial on Fiberglass Flyrodders.  My good friend, the Old Yankee Rodsmith himself, Andy Manchester is completely rebuilding the rod.  Catch the link here!

Andy is a fantastic rod maker and has become a good friend.  I have two of his signature rods and absolutely love his work.  In fact, I just had him build a series of 6wts for my whole family.  I'll be posting pictures of those rods in the coming weeks.

Right now I am focusing on my System 10.  The rod is not new, but the blank is considered very special.  I bought the rod a few years back and boy did it have problems.  The guides were damaged, the end cap was missing, the male ferrule was loose and the female ferrule had a small crack.  Andy is transforming the rod into a Muskie slayer.  Over-sized titanium guides (completely rewrapped), new ferrule, fighting butt etc.

The rod is in tough shape now, but it is about to get a whole lot better.  Some of you might not understand why guys rebuild rods....the one is a real gem.

Keep your eyes open for pictures soon, but for now hop on over to the Fiberglass Flyrodders site and see it all unfold.  Andy knows his stuff....you'll learn something from him for sure.

Check out Joe Cornwall's (Fly Fish Ohio) System 10 in the same thread (link above).  Andy documented the whole rebuilding process.  It's great to follow along and read what Andy has to say.  Joe Cornwall recently wrote me and said he will NEVER sell his System 10 rework that Andy pulled off.  Hopefully my grand kids will get mine!

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