Monday, March 26, 2012

Lietzau Taxidermy - Cosmos, Minnesota

Lietzau Taxidermy, Cosmos MN
I visited the craziest place today in Cosmos, Minnesota called Lietzau Taxidermy.  I didn't think places like this existed any more.  My sales partner at work is into making period clothing, snowshoes, guns etc.  Lietzau Taxidermy is one of his sources for animal hides and furs.  He actually has a buffalo robe!

I picked up a very nice fox tail for $7.95!  This place every type of dead animal known to man.  Moose it....badger betya!  I bought the fox tail and 6 Indian arrow flints for under $10 (flints are for my boys).  I got the tail home and it was immediately interrogated by my dogs, so if the tails looks wet on the end it's my dogs nose juice.  The tail is super full and everything was professionally tanned.

Foxee Red Clouser (Joe Cornwall - Fly Fish Ohio)
Here is the address:  Lietzau Taxidermy
                                 353 Milky Way Street
                                 Cosmos, MN 56228

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  1. Hi there! I Love your blog!!

    Lietzau Taxidermy has moved to a new location in Cosmos MN.
    Here is the new address:
    320 N Saturn St.
    Cosmos MN 56228

    The phone number is still the same:

    All the Best!
    M. Lietzau