Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fly Box Hero - Missouriflies

We have have been posting a ton of patterns and links to lately.  I don't know his actual name, so forgive me for addressing him by his website title.  It only takes a few minutes on his sites (blog, YouTube Channel and website) to see his handy work and it is very impressive.  He has flies for all species on his sites, so make sure to look him up!

Black Ops...A lesson in simplicity

Let's look at his pattern called Black Ops in the video below.  When I started fly tying years ago I was drawn to unnecessarily complicated patterns.  Often times complexity is just a waste of time.  I'd pull out my Mona Lisa fly and get stumped while my buddy with a Wooly Bugger killed them.  Missouriflies Black Ops is perfect in that it is simple, cheap and very durable.  Check out his YouTube Channel for more details.

Speaking of Wolly Bugger....check out the Missouriflies version....

Buggy Dubbing

After watching his YouTube channel and studying his patterns you notice the super buggy dubbing base on almost all of his flies.  If you haven't seen his air compressor dubbing video you need to check it out.  Look at his wooly bugger (above) and you will see the dubbing replaced the palmered hackle on the body of the fly.  Hackle can be expensive and let's face it, without counter wrapped copper wire it almost always is a weak spot in any pattern.  Missouriflies blended dubbing is a very nice substitute for hackle and certainly is a foundation worth perfecting.

Weed Guards 101

Another technique that I feel really finishes off a fly is a weed guard.  Missouriflies hard mono weed guard technique is painfully simple.  I struggled with weed guards for years until watching his video.  Go grab yourself some hard mono and get practicing!

Hard Mono Weed Guard

Don't can buy

Maybe you aren't a fly tyer, but you want to get your hands on a few flies.  Here is a link to Missouriflies online store where you can buy his stuff.  His patterns are built on quality hooks and his prices are very reasonable especially since the patterns are so durable.

Here is a link to Missouriflies YouTube Channel.  Tons of great information here!

Hat's off to a great fly tyer and fisherman

Our hat's off to Missouriflies!  His patterns and work online warrant our praise and support.  Great stuff!

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  1. Two things that really impressed about these flies aside from your tying ability--is the fullness the bodies of the flies and the faster sink rate. Awesome flies thanks for sharing with all of us!!