Monday, December 10, 2012

Missouriflies Hammer Head Crayfish

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Hook:  Mustad 34007 (Saltwater) or Mustad 3366 (Freshwater) - Size 4-6
Thread:  6/0 Brown Uni
Claws:  Squirrel Tail
Body:  Blended Dubbing (Synthetic Yak, EP Fibers, Synthetic Yarn)
Eyes:  Beadchain (Black) - 6 eyes total

I found this pattern online and loved this one at first sight.  A gent by the name of Missouriflies came up with this and has had great luck with it.  You can buy flies directly from Missouriflies here.

I haven't tied one yet, but it looks simple enough.  The hardest thing to replicate is the dubbing blend.  Blend up some synthetic yak, ep fibers and red lion synthetic yarn and you're in business.

The Hammer Handle Crayfish is appealing to me because it is pretty simple and is made of common materials.  The squirrel tail pinchers are very nice.

The two rows of eyes (2 in front followed up by a row of 4) gives the patterns nice balance and weight without the heft of lead eyes.  The dubbing blends the second row of eyes nicely and gives the body mass.  Great stuff.

Thank you Missouriflies for coming up with the Hammer Handle Crayfish, it is a keeper!


  1. What impresses me about this pattern is the weight, because it will have a fast drop. Thanks for sharing a great pattern

  2. Hi Bill-

    I agree with you, the weight of this pattern is very appealing. The cumulative weight of the eyes is quite nice, without the harsh drop of the lead eyes.

    A nice fat morsel for sure.

    Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by the blog.


  3. I've checked out missouriflies many times. That guy has a ton of nice patterns.