Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mono Weed Guard

NeedmoreDEET's Glades Streamer
This is one of those patterns that will take everything.  I especially like the mono weed guard.  Here is NeedmoreDEET's instruction on how to make the weed guard.

"I use Mason's or similar hard mono (Berkley Big Game works OK, too). Use needle nose pliers, or better yet steal your kids jewelry making pliers (the ones with rounded needle tips), to make a "crease" in the mono at each bend point."

1. cut mono, crease and fold in half;
2. measure - +1/8 - 3/16 past barb -- +1/8 extra for tie in.
3. crease 1/8 of tag ends. serrated pliers make a nice texture for grip. Bend 90 degrees and tie in so that the other side with the bend runs to the barb. You can strengthen the angle by cross wrapping around the base if needed, and depending upon how stiff you want the guard. 
4. at this point I hit everything with super glue or CCG
5. gently bend backwards to measure. crease anywhere from 1/8" - 3/16" and bend toward the shank. tuck under and you have a useful weed guard.

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