Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop Seminar - Brad Bohen's Big Flies

Photo Courtesy of Musky Country Outfitters
On January 14th I took one of the best fly tying seminars I have been to in years.  Bob Mitchell's Fly Shop had Brad Bohen come in to teach a "Big Fly" class and it was fantastic.  We learned to tie two patterns, the Hang Time Minnow and The Beauford.

Bob Mitchell's has historically been a place for trout guys, but now that Robert Hawkins has taken over it is becoming a real warm water mecca.  Guys like Brad are coming back in and our little warm water habit is now getting some traction.  If you haven't stopped into Bob Mitchell's since Robert has taken things over you need to get in the car and pay them a visit.

The class was way above my expectations.  Brad was down to earth and taught a comprehensive class that inspired the whole room.  He is passionate about the sport, has created innovative patterns and is a flat out nice guy.  If you ever get a chance to attend a Brad Bohen event, or hire him as a guide you should not hesitate.

Great class....thank you Bob Mitchell's.

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