Monday, January 27, 2014

Feenstra Fly-Chucker Streamer

Fly-Chucker posted this pattern on The Drake's Fly Tying Message Board.  He was nice enough to email me post the recipe and use his picture.

Kevin Feenstra is the originator of the pattern that Fly-Chucker has made his own.

Materials in order of use:

Hook:  TMC 300 #2
Thread: Black flymaster+
Weight (optional): 1/4 brass cone
Tail: Australian Possum
Body: UV polar Chenille olive-copper
1st underwing: Grizzly chickabou
2nd underwing: Barred mallard flank
Flash: Gold or copper flashabou
Overwing: Barred mallard flank
Flash: Brown or rootbeer krystal flash
Collar: Guinea feather natural
Head: Australian Possum

This is a great looking pattern.  I really appreciate the opportunity to post it on the blog.

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  1. The smallmouth and spots would kill these--excellent work at the bench!!