Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fly Box Hero - Art Scheck

Art Scheck has reached fly fishing God status at our house. His books strip away all of the crap that goes along with fly fishing and provides practical information about everything from tying the strongest knots to tips on making your flies more durable. His writing style is down to earth, without the unnecessary fluff found in most fishing books in print today.

My fly fishing methods have completely changed (for the better) thanks to Scheck. I have built 3 custom fly rods for myself and my young children, tied my own tippets and leaders, and my Clouser's and Buggers are virtually bombproof.

I am now restoring 2 bamboo rods given to me by a dear friend. There is no way I would take on any sort of rod building or restoration before Scheck's Fly Rod Building Made Easy book. He shows you how to make rods without spending a fortune on specialized tools. You don't need to spend a ton of money to fish!

If you are serious about fly fishing you have to get his books. The rod building book is excellent. His Tying Better Flies and Fly Fish Better books are some of the best fly fishing/tying books written today.

Art Scheck is the author of
Tying Better Flies, Fly Rod Building Made Easy, and A Fishing Life is Hard Work and has been the editor of Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Quarterly, Orvis News, American Angler, Fly Tyer, and Saltwater Fly Fishing. He lives in Anderson, South Carolina.

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