Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tying Better Flies by Art Scheck

I just finished Art Scheck's Tying Better Flies--what a great book! If you look at my Clouser Minnow on this blog after reading this book you'd notice something is flat out wrong. Scheck's book gives all sorts of time saving and practical tips that make your patterns more durable and effective.

This is not just a book of patterns, it is far more than that. The information Scheck provides here can be transposed to just about any pattern. The step-by-step images are top notch, each picture is clear and the layout is easy to follow.

Now getting back to the Clouser I tied on this blog (below).... The wraps I have behind the lead eyes are too sparse. I have re-tied the Clouser and will re-post the new and improved Clouser. The wraps behind the lead eyes need to be more substantial. Scheck even goes so far as to use red thread for these wraps which double as gills on the minnow.

I have done a ton of dubbing this winter and this book has really helped me shrink the learning curve down to only a few hours. My dubbed bodies are layered and tight instead of loose and fragile.

You'll learn a ton from this book, I know I have. This is a great additional to any fly tying library.

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