Friday, March 5, 2010

Loctite Minnow

Recipe: Mustad 3407 (Size 4)
Thread: White Flat Waxed Nylon
Tail: White Buck Tail/Silver Krystal Flash/Ice Wing Fiber UV & Pearl Minnow Mix (Layered)
Body: Hareline Medium Krystal Hackle White Clear
Eye: Holographic Eye
Weight: None
Adhesive: Loctite Silicone Sealant

Joe Cornwall unveiled his version of the Murdich Minnow last week and I really like his rendition. I've tied this pattern many times and had some luck with it last year.

For the 2010 season I have switched my main smallmouth rod from and 8 wt fiberglass rod to a 6 wt glass rod. This pattern is large, but since it is 99% synthetic it can be easily thrown with a 6 wt. rod.

I found this Loctite material in a tube at my local home center. Once dried this material has a very cool rubber-like quality that repels water and is virtually bombproof. The silicone also gives the minnow a neat swimming action it doesn't have when the pattern is "dry."

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