Thursday, March 11, 2010

Improved Clouser?

Here are some Clouser Minnows that have been retooled. Notice the red thread behind the lead eyes? Clouser Minnows bounce off rocks all day and fish hit them very hard. The area behind the lead eyes gets beat up and the fly tends to come apart. Those wraps make this fly much more durable and also doubles as gills. With 2 coats of head cement this fly will last all day and then some.

Bob Clouser coats the head and wraps with epoxy, but I hate epoxy. Mixing epoxy, preventing runs and waiting for stuff to cure is such a hassle. Plus, the stuff is expensive!

These methods were taken from Art Scheck's book Tying Better Flies. I especially like the dark section on the top of the minnow taken from the dark portion of the buck tail. Another detail (along with the gills) that should make this fly more effective while using up a part of the buck tail most tyers throw away.

Let's not forget the use of a strange hook....the Mustad 33903. This is fantastic hook for weight forward patterns. Make sure to check it out.

Anyway the pattern is the same as the one below, but the little details make a big difference!

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