Sunday, April 22, 2012

Advanced Fly Tying - Weaving

Hair Hackle Weave

Granny Weave
One of my favorite people on earth is Fly Box Hero - Dick Gross.  I met Dick online a few years back and we have been friends ever since.  The best thing about Dick's fly tying is his simple approach.  Simply put, his flies are dynamite! 

Dick sent me an email saying he started a weaving technique on his flies.  When a successful fly fisherman says weaving is a nice technique to incorporate  - the Smallmouth Fly Box listens!  These techniques may seem complicated, but you'll get the hang of them quickly

Tiger Weave
Dick sent me a link to Fly Anglers Online.  The weaving techniques Dick mentioned were clearly detailed.  The four weaving techniques I found were called the Granny Weave, Tiger Weave, Shuttle Weave and a Hair Hackle Weave.  All pictures used in this post came directly from Fly Anglers Online, except for the shuttle weave.  The shuttle weave is linked to an article published by the Connecticut Fly Fishing Examiner.  I linked the weaves to the site as well, so you can find the detailed instruction.  Looks like you need to use the search tool to find the "weave" articles on Fly Anglers Online.

Shuttle Weave

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  1. There is a picture of a woven caterpillar on Pinterest that links to this page. I cannot find that pattern, however. Can you please tell me where to look? Thanks.