Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spirit River Jailhouse Marabou

I am a notorious cheapskate when it comes to paying for shipping.  My fly tying supplies have all been purchased at a store because I can't bear to part with that $7.95 for shipping.....silly I know.  When I say a product is "new" it means it is new to my local shop.  I walked in the fly shop and saw Spirit River's Jailhouse Marabou hanging on the peg hook.....all I could say was "Mine!."

Spirit River makes great stuff.  Their Mottlebou is still one of my all time favorite materials.  Their Jailhouse Marabou is another winner!  The barred pattern is a great detail on the Bronze Goddess or the Evening Scratch.

The material is packed bulk (actually blood quills) and are very easy to grab since they are not stitched together.  Many colors are available....give this stuff a shot!

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