Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stealth Bomber Foam Popper/Slider Cutter Set

Here is a Stealth Bomber cutter set distributed by River Road Creations.  If you have not fished Kent Edmund's Stealth Bomber you need to start cutting foam right away.  The Stealth Bomber is a great bass and panfish fact, it is one of my favorites of all time.

This is a very durable, easy to tie pattern that is also very economical.  All of that stuff aside, this fly is a blast to tie.  Use Ward Beans barber pole leg technique and you will have very attractive and VERY FISHY flies! 

Ward's Barber Pole Leg Technique - Outstanding!

Here is my version of Kent's Stealth Bomber.  I didn't use these cutters, but it would have been nice to have them.  I called our version the Hopper Popper.

Smallmouth Fly Box - Hopper Popper

Kent really has a winner with the Stealth Bomber.  Here is a copy of the tying instructions with the template for the body.  The cutters make this pattern a breeze to put together though.  If the cutters are out of your price range here is a link to the original pattern.

More Stealth Bomber Tying Information


  1. I really like the foam popper mainly because of the presentation on the water; very light. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Really like this pattern.. Tied up a bunch the other night in all different colors and sizes... some for pannies and some for bass/pike.. now it just needs to get warm enough!