Friday, April 13, 2012

Fly Box Hero - Jay "Fishy" Fullum

I have been a subscriber to Fly Tyer magazine for a while and always find myself turning to Jay's article first when I get my issue in the mail.  Jay is famous for using common materials to craft unique and effective patterns.  Take this month's issue for example, Fishy took a common foam float and converted it into a lipped popper.  You can always count on Jay to put together patterns that are fun to tie!

I will be posting my version of Fishy's Lipped Popper in the coming days.  The original pattern uses a very thin plywood material for the lip.  I will be using a material use in the point of purchase display business called HIPS (high impact polystyrene) for the lip portion of the popper.  Regular plastics are too brittle for this application and 1/32" plywood sounds like a hassle to maintain.  Styrene is cheap, extremely durable and easy to find in craft stores.  Look for the SMFB Lipped Popper soon.

Look at Fishy's Bonefish pattern on our  site as well as his many, many other creations in Fly Tyer magazine.

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