Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adding a loop to the end of your fly line...

I just used this technique to add a loop to the end of my Factory Overrun Fly Line I got at Discount Fishing Tackle.  The line comes without a welded loop, but it isn't a big deal.  I don't tie nail knots often, so I also picked up an inexpensive nail knot tool at my local fly shop.  I know many of you can whip them up in no time with a paper clip, but I find it easier to use the tool.

Nail Knot Tool

The loops I put on with the series of three nail knots are very strong.  I used the same thing to attach my backing....


  1. I have that nail knot tool and think it is great! Between the 2 overrun lines I got, a new Rio line as a warranty replacement(a great experience with great customer service!)& another floating line, I've gotten very good lately with making my nail knots. (I know someone who does it with just his hands) Last year I received a sinking 10wt line for musky(not Rio). I noticed the welded loop had come undone. Alerted the company, returned the line and got a replacement. Next musky trip the same thing happened. I'm glad I didn't learn about it after a musky hit my fly! I reattached that welded loop with a couple of nail knots although they aren't as pretty as yours. (; So, even if you have a welded loop it might be good to reinforce it.

  2. Hi Twitch. I am with you....I don't trust the factory welded loops much either. Glad to hear the nail knots work for you too!