Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eze-Lap Hook Hone

Eze-Lap Hook Hone
Over the years I have not sharpened my hooks because I believed they were fine right out of the package.  Last season I lost the largest smallie I have ever caught because of a dull hook!

It was in late fall and I was fishing a weight forward Clouser-like pattern with large aluminum eyes.  The fish hammered the streamer in about 3 feet of water along a large rock outcropping and I strip set it really hard.  The fish jump 4-5 times and finally gave up  Once to the edge of the kayak I noticed the hook was just barely in the roof of his mouth....just then to my horror he flopped one more time and was gone.  I immediately inspected the streamer and found the hook was dull from bouncing off rocks and logs all day.  I lost the fish of a lifetime because of a dull hook?  I pledged to change my ways and sharpen my hooks before they went back into the box after a long day of fishing.  I am even going so far as to sharpen as needed on the water after flies snag or after excessive use.

I looked into hook hone options and decided on the Eze-Lap sharpener.  It is compact, light and the price was right ($6.95).  I have sharpened all of my hooks using the techniques outlined in this video that I found on YouTube.  Pretty dang simple and when you are done the hooks are amazingly sharp.

It really is that easy!  The groove in the hone makes it easy to get very sharp hooks. Here is a link to the Eze-Lap Hook Hone on Amazon.

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  1. Doug
    Excellent domo and one that I will give a try--thanks for sharing