Sunday, July 27, 2014

Quantum Hot Sauce - The Good Stuff....

Quantum Hot Sauce Grease and Oil
As you all know I have bitten by the "vintage" reel bug lately.  I have been picking up reels that are caked with grime and old grease.  Whenever I have a question about vintage reels and fiberglass rods I turn to the Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum.  Here are some cleaning instructions from Bulldog on the FFR forum.

After a good soaking you need to get your reel lubed up and ready for service.  Pickup some Quantum Hot Sauce to keep your reels in tip top shape.

Photo courtesy of Bulldog and Fiberglass Flyrodders Forum

This reel has been cleaned and lubed with Hot Sauce grease and oil.  Notice the red areas on the gears and spindle.

Keep in mind these cleaning techniques can be used on modern reels as well.  Just make sure you take it easy and make sure you don't overdo it.

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