Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another Day on the Snake River

My boys and I visited the Snake River again.  The river was beautiful and so was the weather...  The fish we caught were all small, but it was great to be out with the boys!  My oldest was on the fly rod again and landed his first fish in a long time.

Somedays it's not about catching fish...  The boys fished their arms off with little return.  When we were all done we hit the A&W for a root beer and planned our next trip!


  1. Great job getting the kids out fishing. I am a big fan of getting my Grandkids out as often as I can. Wish more parents would expose their kids to summertime outdoor activities instead of X-Boxes and Play Stations......................

  2. Doug
    I agree with Mel, every time one can get the kids out of the house it is a plus. I take my grandson fishing as often as I can and did the same with my own children when they were young. I sure you will continue the fishing trips with your kids as well--thanks for sharing