Friday, February 19, 2010

Fly Box Hero - Joe Cornwall

Joe Cornwall of is another huge hero in my house. I've never met Joe in person, but my kids always yell "I hear Joe Cornwall!" when I am watching his awesome tying clips. His efforts have really made a huge impact on my tying skills.

Joe is a fantastic tyer, his Mixed Media pattern is one of my favorite flies of 2010. The Fly Fish Ohio site is jam packed with articles and video clips. I always graze the site before I buy a rod or a reel.

Joe is another guy that's always responded with top notch advice. It's clear Joe is a great fisherman, fly tyer, author and warm water fishing advocate, but most of all he does a ton of work to make the sport better for all of us.

Fly Fish Ohio's monthly video fly pattern series called Adventures in Fly Tying is hands down the best video instruction online today.

Joe makes his living as the Business Development Manager for a company that provides connectivity solutions to the communications and electronics industry. You can read many of his articles on audio/video gear, music and technology at Some people just have too many talents!

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