Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kelly Galloup Streamer Leader/Tippet

I just got done watching Streamer Fishing For Trophy Trout With Kelly Galloup on DVD. Kelley Galloup uses a very simple leader/tippet system for unweighted streamers. Very simple leader/tippet made up of 2 sections....18" of 20# and 18" of 10# mono. Seems to work good for him, but he is just fishing unweighted streamers.

My plan is to still test out Art Scheck's/Bob Clouser's leader/tippet system. Seems like a more versatile system if you go from top water to streamer to crayfish.

I tend to take Kelly Galloup seriously because he is the real deal. He lands a decent smallmouth on the DVD, but you can tell he thinks it is a nice trout....turned out to be a smallish smallmouth :)

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