Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mustad 33903...A Really Fantastic Hook!

The Mustad 33903 Kink Shank hook is a fantastic hook that many people pass up. Trust me, this is NOT just a popper hook. I feel (along with Joe Cornwall) this hook is a fantastic Clouser Minnor hook. You can see by the patterns posted so far on this blog that this is one of my hooks of choice (along with the Mustad 3366).

The kink is a great place to attach dumbbell eyes. They are locked in place and as Joe says "The kink keeps the proportions consistent from fly to fly."

Look....another great thing about this fly is the price. Check this out - $5.40 for 100 hooks at Captain Hooks Discount Warehouse. These hooks have so much going for them and they are cheap!

Next time you tie a gob of Clouser (or any weight forward pattern for that matter) give this hook a shot. Just make sure to crimp the barb.

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