Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gartside's Soft Hackle Streamer

Hook: Mustad 3407 (Size 4)
Thread: 6/0 Red Uni
Body: Cream Maribou
Skirt: Mallard Flank Feather
Weight: None

Jack Gartside would probably throw me out of his cab if he saw this version. Looks like a rat chewed on the head of this bad boy. That o.k...the fish don't care. I'll work on this one some more and update the picture later (maybe).

Palmering maribou was new to me and mallard feathers don't behave very well. Just two materials here...typical for Gartside. Simple and relatively easy to tie after you do a few. I had great luck with this one last year and have big expectations for it in 2010.

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